The leading 360° performance optimization tool on the market

Unlike traditional caching plugins, NitroPack is a complete speed optimization Saas solution that takes care of customers (and their websites) long after they hit the “Purchase” button.

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Instead of installing several site speed plugins, NitroPack provides all performance optimization features in one place
– caching, full image optimization, CSS/HTML/JS minification and compression, built-in Cloudflare CON, font subsetting, and more!

NitroPack helps site owners stay on top of Google’s latest web performance guidelines. Its fully-automated optimizations allow 200K+ active users to hit 90+ speed scores and pass Core Web Vitals.


How is NitroPack different?

Caching is 1/30 of the optimizations it provides

Users enjoy complete image, code, and font optimizations on top of innovative caching features – all bundled together for an optimal performance boost.


It isn't an SEO tool, but it sure boosts rankings

With great site speed come improved SERP rankings. With NitroPack, owners can have a website Google loves.

It has all for great speed, plus what a CDN does best

Thanks to the built-in Cloudflare CDN, NitroPack provides the best out of both worlds in a single plugin for easier management and fewer invoices.

Not simply a plugin, but a service that keeps on giving

Unlike one-off purchases, NitroPack subscriptions factor in everything from ongoing no-touch updates, new features development, to excellent customer care 24/7.

overtake the competition with a lightening fast website


Why 9/10 people leave 5-star reviews about NitroPack on Trustpilot:

All speed optimization features in one place
World-class CDN included
24/7 expert technical support
Frictionless setup and integration
Works in and outside the WordPress ecosystem
Super lightweight for zero tech-stack bloat
Works over the Cloud to crash-proof your servers
No-touch updates
web performance without the hassle

Advanced Features

90.10% of all NitroPack optimized pages load within 3 seconds

50+ advanced features as simple to use as they are powerful.
5 optimization stacks that work on autopilot:


  • Smart cache invalidation
  • Automatic cache warmup
  • Device and cookie-aware caching
  • Browser and session-aware caching

Font Optimization

  • Font compression
  • Font subsetting
  • Google-hosted font optimization
  • Font loading strategy

Code Optimization

  • HTML, CSS, and JS minification & compression
  • Merge CSS & JS
  • Critical CSS
  • DNS prefetching & preloading
  • Remove unused CSS

Image Optimization

  • WebP conversion
  • Lossy and lossless image compression
  • Advanced lazy loading
  • Pre-emptive Image sizing
  • Adaptive image sizing
  • Video facades


  • No extra setup
  • No extra fees
you can have a fast website too

Ideal For Businesses

NitroPack is the go-to choice for e-merchants, salespeople, and developers.

Zero technical or coding skills required

“Free forever” plan available

Agency plan with special discounts available

Scalable subscriptions and resources based on your growth

User-friendly dashboard and resource tracking

3 paid subscriptions starting at $21/month

Custom plan for multiple sites upon request

“Manual” optimization mode for custom fine-tuning available

expand your toolkit with nitropack

Still Not Sure If NitroPack is for you?

Check it out in the “Free Forever” plan

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