At Ni-Design we Plan your web solution before we even start the Design process. Once you have approved the Design it’s on to the Development stage. We will test the site thoroughly to ensure it passes industry standard tests. We Connect the site to social media, enabling your site to be shared across sites such as Facebook & Twitter. After receiving your final approval we Deploy the site, making it live. At this stage we will submit your site to the search engines. Once your site is live we can nurture it to make your business Grow.

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Using the information we gather about your business, we plan an on-line solution suitable to your budget. We get to know you and your business, understanding your goals and commercial aspirations in order to deliver the perfect on-line strategy to ensure your business rises above the competition.


This is where we craft the user experience. We design a website layout so you can see how your website will look. This is the stage we work with you to create a design that is both functional and appealing.


Once you have approved the design of your website, we get to work in turning your plans into a fully functioning website. After the development stage has been completed, we will work closely with you to ensure everything is functioning correctly and test the site’s capabilities with any neccessary changes been made accordingly.


Social Network integration is highly important. We create your business presence on the social networks that will engage your customers.


Okay, we aren’t exactly launching a rocket into space. But this is an exciting time for our clients and us. This is where we make your site live and after quality assurance your site is submitted to the search engines.


With our SEO packages, this stage is ongoing. This enables us to constantly update your site to keep it competitive in your market place. With our Maintenance Packages, we ensure your site is tip-top, secure and bug free.

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