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What is Responsive Web Design?

A fully responsive Web Design can recognise which device it is being viewed on and automatically adjusts to ensure the user enjoys the best possible viewing experience. So whether the user wants to access your website via a traditional P.C, Tablet or Mobile Device you only need one design (a responsive one).

Is it important my website is responsive?

It’s important to ensure your website is compatible and importantly mobile friendly. Mobile has taken over desktop as the default device on which your website is viewed. When it comes to web design we do this on mobile, tablet and desktop to make sure your site is responsive.

First impressions matter, if a visitor to your site is on a mobile device and they can’t see all your information, statistics prove that most will leave very quickly. 

benefits of a responsive website

Increase Sales and Conversion Rates

Your visitors having a consistent user experience has a positive impact on your conversion rates. When they visit your site on multiple devices, finding that your business adjusts to them and their viewing preferences.

Increase your search engine visibility

Search engines now check if your website is responsive. Google favours websites that are optimised for people using mobile and smartphone devices. Responsive web design gives a positive user experience.

Efficient Analytics and Reports

Monitoring your analytics in one place for all devices means you can monitor the success of your website more efficiently. Knowing that your users only have to visit one responsive website for your business.

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